The Swahili word ‘mamatoto’ translates simply as ‘motherbaby’ reflecting the unique connection between a woman and her baby…

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Supporting your wellbeing during pregnancy, birth and beyond, we offer pregnancy yoga, maternity reflexology, birth preparation…

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Nurturing the loving bond between you and your baby, mama-toto offer mum and baby yoga, baby reflexology and doula services…

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Book Review: Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Book Review: ‘Expecting Better’ by Emily Oster I won’t beat about the proverbial bush. I didn’t like this book. It won’t be getting a place on the book shelf in my study which is bursting full of literature I like to lend to clients or fellow birth-workers. I’m not denying that some of the information […]

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Cervix in the Suburbs: the Adventures of a Leeds Doula

Cervix and the Suburbs…The Day to Day Escapades of a Yorkshire Doula As with all the very best plans, the idea for writing this column came to me whilst eating cake, drinking tea and watching a very ancient episode of Sex and the City. A long time frustrated writer, I fancied myself as the Carrie […]

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